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Phunky Phonics


Course Overview: The Phunky Phonics class is an exciting and dynamic program that focuses on teaching children the fundamental principles of phonics. Through a variety of activities, games, and exercises, students will explore the relationships between letters and sounds, developing essential reading and writing skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Course Objectives:
  1. Letter-Sound Correspondence: Students will learn the individual sounds of consonants and vowels, understanding the relationships between letters and the sounds they represent.

  2. Phonemic Awareness: Through engaging exercises, students will develop their phonemic awareness skills, including blending, segmenting, and manipulating sounds in words.

  3. Decoding Skills: Students will master the art of decoding, recognizing phonetic patterns, and using these skills to read unfamiliar words with confidence.

  4. Sight Word Recognition: Alongside phonics instruction, students will be introduced to high-frequency sight words, allowing them to quickly recognize and read common words encountered in various texts.

  5. Reading Fluency: Through guided reading sessions, students will practice reading aloud with expression, accuracy, and comprehension, enhancing their reading fluency and understanding.

  6. Spelling Proficiency: Students will apply their phonics knowledge to become skilled spellers, using phonetic principles to spell words correctly.

  7. Vocabulary Expansion: The class will include activities that promote vocabulary development, enhancing students' ability to understand and use new words in their reading and writing.

  8. Reading Comprehension: As students progress, they will focus on improving their reading comprehension, gaining the ability to understand and interpret different types of texts.

  9. Creative Writing: Students will have the opportunity to express themselves through creative writing exercises, applying their phonics knowledge to construct sentences and short stories.

Class Details 

  • Who: K-2nd graders and struggling 3rd-grade readers 

  • When: Every Saturday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Begins September 16th), 12-week program

  • Where: 201 Riverside Dr., Suite 2A, Dayton, Ohio, 45405

  • Registration Fee: $75 (non-refundable) 

  • Price: $150/mo 

  • Payment Dates 

    • September 8th

    • October 6th 

    • November 3rd 

ACE Approved Families 

- ACE cannot be used on the registration fee 

- Parents/guardians have to pay out of pocket by the due date and then submit paid invoices through the Merit app to be reimbursed through ACE. 

Cancellation Policy:  All sales are final.  There are no exchanges or refunds. 

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