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Phunky Phonics


Did you know that there are 26 letters in the alphabet but 44 sounds? Phunky Phonics focuses on blending and segmenting letters to form words, decoding multisyllabic words, and much more.  Many students struggle with reading due to a lack of phonemic awareness.  This class introduces scholars to those 44 sounds and builds better readers.  

Fail Me Not is ready to take your scholar to the next level and prepare them for success.  We have reached a difficult time in education, and we want to be proactive instead of reactive.  This interactive course will allow your scholar to interact with learning in a hands-on way through reading manipulatives and their interactive notebook.


The greatest investment is here! Book now! All spaces are first come, first serve!

Class Detail

  • Who: 1st/2nd Graders and struggling 3rd-grade readers 

  • When: Every Saturday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Starting January 7th), 12-week program

  • Where: 201 Riverside Dr., Suite 2A, Dayton, Ohio, 45405

  • Registration Fee: $75 (non-refundable) 

  • Price: $130/mo 

  • Payment Dates 

    • January 6th ​

    • February 3rd 

    • March 3rd 

If approved for the Ohio ACE program, you will pay the registration fee out of pocket. You may submit this payment to ACE so that they can reimburse you. Once you receive your monthly invoices through email, you will submit that to ACE so they can make direct payment to Fail Me Not. 

Cancellation Policy:  All sales are final.  There are no exchanges or refunds. 

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