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What resources can I use to help my scholar?

Are you struggling with helping your scholar reach academic success? Not sure how to help them with this “new” math? Does he/she need practice with reading? Below is a list of free resources you can use to help your child at home.

  • Youtube- Youtube is an excellent resource when it comes to getting extra help outside of the classroom. Not sure how to explain something? Search for the content on youtube. There will be tons of videos that pop up. Click on a few videos to see which one best serves your needs.

  • - does your son or daughter need basic multiplication facts practice? This website has several different fun games students can play for extra practice.

  • Recommended for students grades 1-3. This website is a great resource for parents that are helping their students identifying sight words.

  • have free worksheets for students K-5 for both math and reading. The worksheets are broken down by grade level and content. This is a great resource for parents that want to provide their child with extra practice. .

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