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Welcome to Fail Me Not! Where we build tomorrow's leaders today! 

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Interested ​in enrolling your scholar(s) in Fail Me Not Tutoring? Here are the steps:

  1. Initial Consultation 

  2. Registration 

  3. Diagnostic Assessment 

  4. Sessions Commence

Michel’le Curington, CEO and Owner

Fail Me Not Tutoring is a Dayton-based tutoring company that serves students in grades K-8. Our goal is to provide a comfortable learning space that promotes strong academic performance and self-confidence.

Welcome to Fail Me Not Tutoring! As the owner and CEO, I welcome you to explore our site to learn how we can help your student retain and apply information in the classroom to be academically prepared. 


Download our free graphic
organizer to use for reading comprehension for all grade levels!



Would your scholar benefit from an individualized plan? Addtional support outside of school? Sign up now for our tutoring sessions

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Multiplication Bootcamp

 Does your scholar struggle with their multiplication facts? Enroll them in our Bootcamp to build their fact fluency. 

Does your child struggle with letter/sound regonition? This program is designed to create young fluent readers.

PreK- 1st Grade 

My Baby Can Read
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