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In the Classroom

Who We Are


Fail Me Not Tutoring (FMNT) is a tutoring program founded by teacher Michel'le Curington, of Dayton, Ohio. The purpose of this program is to build students' academic skills while increasing their confidence in learning all while having fun. FMNT is a team of experienced and diverse educators, eager and ready to take your child to the next level.

Our tutors serve students in grades K-8 in the reading and math disciplines in-person or virtually. We carefully pair each student with qualified tutoring professionals to reach their academic goal in a one-on-one or group tutoring session.

Students who attend tutoring sessions with Fail Me Not Tutoring see improvement in their performance when they attend each session, follow the recommendations outlined by their tutor, and have an engaged adult support system at home.

We partner with families to become your student's biggest coach and cheerleader. Each student's progress is our victory and we use a personalized approach to create positive outcomes in the classroom.




With remote learning I had to make sure that my son was still on somewhat of a schedule but wanted to make sure he didn’t fall behind so I was very thankful that Fail Me Not Tutoring offered virtual tutoring. I appreciate Ms. Curington for taking time out of her busy schedule with being a teacher to make sure that kids can have tutoring sessions!

— Deonna


Fail Me Not Tutoring really helped my daughter with her math skills! I could see a difference just after a few sessions. FMNT helped her work through her math anxieties and just focus on the math problems in front of her. If your child is struggling or just needs that extra boost of confidence... I definitely recommend them!

— Tara L.

This tutoring program is amazing overall; from the content provided to my daughter during tutoring with Ms.Curington and how to help at home. She is always prompt with understanding what type of grades/scores my child has in Reading and Math so she can better help her. The communication is excellent and never delayed whenever I have questions or concerns.

Every tutor displays great energy and positive vibes with the kids at all times. You can really see how much they truly care about the kids and not about the dollar being earned only. If anyone asks for a tutor I’ll recommend Fail Me Not Tutoring in a heartbeat.

— Courtney


Fail Me Not Tutoring has been a BLESSING during this quarantine and with my son having to be out of school. TRULY A BLESSING! The virtual tutoring gives my son a chance to have face to face action with his WONDERFUL teacher/tutor Ms. Curington! He looks forward to T/Th at 1pm. It also takes some weight off of me as a parent trying to navigate through new! Ms. Curington does such a GREAT job with him...she is encouraging but yet stern...she doesn’t let him slack...she pushes him and encourages him to do the best that we all know he is capable of and then some! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being an essential part in my son's life!

— Merideth

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