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  • How can I see the maximum results of tutoring?
    To achieve maximize results, here is what we recommend to each family: Come to every session on time Follow the recommendations established by the tutor Communicate regularly about child’s needs with tutor Work with your child at home By following these guidelines, your student will begin to show improvement. Of course, the right attitude and mindset are also contributing factors.
  • How often do you accept new students?
    We accept new students by the semester, fall, spring and summer. Therefore new students are accepted every August, January, and May, during our open enrollment. However, if you are on the waiting list for a specific semester then we will notify you if we have any openings.
  • If I am on the waiting list for one semester does it transfer to the next semester?
    No. For example, if you join the waiting list in fall semester, it does not transfer to spring semester. Therefore, when the spring semester’s enrollment opens up, you would want to sign your child up for tutoring at that time.
  • Is there a discount if I am signing up multiple kids?
    Yes! If you are signing up multiple children that live in the same household, there is a 10% discount on your monthly invoice.
  • Will the tutor help my child with their homework?
    Yes. Each tutor would be more than happy to assist any child with any homework from school. However, the majority of the time will be dedicated to filling in any learning gaps your child may have and/or advancing them through their grade level standards to ensure academic growth.
  • Will my child be assessed?
    Yes. Every child will be assessed in the area the parent would like Fail Me Not to focus on. Students can be assessed in math, reading or both. The assessment your child takes will depend on what you select as a focus area on your registration form.


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